Zapier Vs Integromat

Zapier Vs Integromat: Which One Should You Choose?

Zapier Vs Integromat? Which one suits you best? Both are leading the worldwide web in integration software. Moreover, both can bring the benefit of a boosted integration for you and your business.

However, between zapier vs integromat, which suits you best?

Well, it all depends on your needs and preferences. This article will let you know their differences and their best spots.

Matter Of Pricing & Preferences

When it comes to its price, Integromat offers a much affordable starting rate. Integromat starts at only $9 per month. While Zapier starts from $24.99 per month. There is almost a 16-dollar-difference in between.

However, more than just the cost is your business’ needs.

Integromat is best for all entrepreneurs and common users. Particularly from small to middle-sized entities, into large enterprises. Moreover, Integromat is also good for IT engineers, and system administrators.

On the other hand, Zapier is best for small and medium businesses. It is also advisable for marketers and salespeople. Not to mention are the web developers and designers.

Most Love Them

Speaking of reviews and feedback, Zapier and Integromat both have the best feedback. Let’s take a look at what the users can say about their features.

User-Friendly And Customer Support

Both are good in terms of being easy to use and navigate. As for the Integromat, users find the visual workflow easy to use. It helps them to easily visualize the not-so-easy but complicated workflows they once had.

On the other hand, users love Zapier in the ease of connecting multiple apps. Moreover, Zapier is also impressive when it comes to customer support. Whenever a user asks for help, Zapier can respond quickly. Zapier then responds with suggestions, and even tutorials to teach more effectively. Moreover, they also give suggestions to make automation way much better and simpler.

In addition to customer support, Zapier gains its users’ trust. That is because Zapier offers free learning materials to their users. This further helps in strengthening the ease of workflow between project teams. 

Features Talk

When it comes to features and functionality, both have a good score. Although Integromat gains a bit higher score than Zapier.

Integromat users find it easy to have the apps and integrations work in automation. Even with a wide variety of user’s applications. Also, Integromat seems to be dynamic in any situation given.

On the other hand, Zapier got their users’ hearts too. Apps and integration automation is also easy to set up with Zapier. Thus, integrated software and applications all work smoothly. Together with the users.

For Comparison

Product Features

Moreover, both offer a dashboard, ETL, multiple data sources, and web services. However, only Integromat offers data management.

Customer Support

Also, both do offer optimum customer support to users. Both have a 24-hour live representative online. 


On the other hand, only Integromat offers webinars. However, both do offer documentation for training.

To Conclude

Both Zapier and Integromat serve their purpose. Both can boost a business’s productivity. Also, both gained their user’s trust. 

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