zapier vs. integromat


you will find in this post the first results of a comparison between some API automation tools (zapier, integromat and and and hubspot

i am not affiliated to any of these companies but i have used them all for my last project. so i know very well what they can or cannot do

there is also a short introduction part at the end where i will present you why i think that API integration is the future!

the project:

i had to write an automated script that will log into a web page, fill out a form (with the data i want) and then send the data as a mail.

i had to do this for 3 or 4 different sources of information so i needed something like zapier but with much more features

what is zapier? you have some “zaps” in your account which can be triggered by one action and they are responsible for another action. for example after you have created an API integration between google sheets and stripe via zapier it means that every time there is a new row on your spreadsheet (new orders maybe?) then a new order is automatically created on stripe according to the column where it was put onto google sheets (customer name) in this way you don’t need programmers anymore because everything can be done from within Google Sheets!

You also see if there are any orders on Stripe without even opening its page!!! So ZAPIER provides already all what I need BUT…there were two things missing: firstly I wanted more advanced functions like importing rows from excel files into my database (for example import all emails from an excel file with names, addresses etc..and use them directly when sending mails via hubspot or automating my facebook ads). secondly i wanted to do something similar using API’s instead of web pages and forms.

The problem with these tools is that they have been designed only for APIs => we will see below how both integromat & could not solve part of my problems although they allowed me to make what ZAPIER did not allow me! Finally seemed very interesting because it allows you to automate ANYTHING including BLOGS AND EVENTS AND FACEBOOK ADS

so let us start comparing … Zapier vs Integromat vs vs Automation AI vs Hubspot!! here comes the battle!! 😉 PS: each tool contains also many other features besides those which were used in this project so please check their website if you want learn more about them before saying stupid things like “this tool sucks”! 🙂 No comments about being negative please, thank u! 😄

UI / UX comparison

You can do everything via websites or apps so it is not a problem – there are some differences but they don’t really matter for my test

you need to create an account in each service which requires you to fill up forms with your email, first name etc..etc. This takes around 5 minutes and maybe more if you encounter any problems like wrong password or email address! so you have to be careful when creating accounts because if your data gets lost then it will cost you time (and money) to get them back again!! If somebody asks me what is the worst thing that can happen while using an API automation tool would be losing data because of something stupid such as a wrong email address! I hope no one ever loses their data by doing this kind of mistakes.

I personally prefer because it has a very nice, clean and simple UI but i am sure that zapier’s one is just as good

The problem with zapier is that it lacks any advanced functions! – so if you need more than a service provider offers then you have to find another tool since there is no way of adding new features from within ZAPIER (except for google sheets & stripe) this means that if you want to integrate with some other API providers then be prepared to create lots of integrations manually or use some other tools like or automation AI! Zapier uses the same web hook concept as integromat so in my test I could not compare them directly because it was impossible going from one platform via web hooks to see what will happen on the second platform BUT I can say that they both work fine!

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