Zapier Integrations

Zapier Integrations- All You Need To Know About

If your business makes use of a lot of productivity applications, you need Zapier Integrations. What is Zapier by the way? How can it ease your business productivity? 

This article will let you know more.

Introducing Zapier Integrations

Zapier is basically an app connector. Moreover, Zapier is an online tool that can help you connect multiple apps together. When we say ‘connect’, we integrate them in a sense. More like automating key functions to make applications work together easily.

Suppose you can have it in this formula. 

If “Application A happens, then Application B does too”

It is like chaining functions between applications. These functions may include repetitive tasks. Zapier can do this for you without coding. Also without outsourcing developers for these connections. Yes, with the help of Zapier you can integrate multiple actions between applications.

What’s more, is that this tool doesn’t only connect two or three apps. But it can connect thousands of them! How helpful is that?

This indeed eases your workflow. Thus, it can help busy people like you put more focus on the more essential tasks.

To help you gain a better understanding of how this works. Let me provide you with some examples.

Zapier Can Make It Happen

From Inbox To Dropbox

For example, you receive lots of different emails with attachments. You can save time manually saving each of them. Because Zapier can do the job for you. Zapier can automate saving. From your Gmail inbox to your Dropbox storage.

Facebook To Google Sheets

Another example is between Facebook and Google Sheets. Suppose you are running with Facebook Lead Ads. With Zapier you no longer have to hire personnel to manually encode data. Because Zapier can encode these data from Facebook into your Google Sheets. And there you can have your data right on a single file.

Trello To Google Calendar

Trello is very useful in arranging your tasks. And so does Google Calendar. With Zapier you can integrate both applications. Thus, easy syncing of tasks and events. Zapier can do this for you!\

However, these are just some examples of how Zapier can ease productivity tasks for you. Furthermore, Zapier Integrations work with thousands of web apps. 

The following are just some of the most widely used applications.

Zapier Works With

Google Sheets

Helpful in creating and editing spreadsheets online. Moreover, in getting automated insights of gathered data.


Slack on the other hand is for team communication. Slack offers instant messaging. Also does easy document sharing between teams.


Another is Asana. This is like your task manager in the workspace. This is more like Trello. Asana can help you organize tasks and people assigned for the tasks.


One of the leading Email platforms on the web. This app helps easy tracking through threaded conversations. Also, it allows for more management by adding tags and labels.

Google Forms

Next is Google Forms. Google Forms eases the collection of data from various people. It has a simple UI, and also a powerful editor. This is perfect to work with Google Sheets.

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