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Software Integrations 2020: A Beginner’s Notebook

Software Integrations has lifted the weight between app synchronization and automation. How helpful is it in boosting your productivity?

In business, making use of applications and software make the business run. However, syncing different data altogether with these is trivial. That is why software integration eases the weight.

A novelist once said: ‘It’s supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button.’

Isn’t it true? Automation really helps a lot.

This article will cover more about software integrations and how it works.

A Bit Of Software Integration

When we say integration, the easiest relevant words will be ‘to combine, or to connect together’. This simply breaks down the complexity of the term.

Software Integration is the process of integrating software or applications. The objective is to provide solutions for isolated data.

Softwares For Integration

Big businesses do have their own software. However, nowadays these businesses are also adopting SaaS. Or Software as a Service solution.

On the other hand, smaller businesses usually adopt SaaS solutions. These may refer to cloud-based software that fits their business accordingly.

Furthermore, software integrations apply to both smaller and big businesses. Whether a company has their in-house software or SaaS, integration is needed. Especially in syncing the functions and data of these apps together.

And for this, engineers can help you with the job. But this may sound too complex. So let’s go to much simpler solutions. There exist cloud-based business applications. These are much easier. And this software does use API. Or Application Programming Interface. This makes integration possibilities happen. 

Introducing iPaaS

iPaaS or Integration Platforms as a Service. IPaaS finds the best way in integrating different software. In a sense, this acts as a glue that connects this software together.

iPaas is especially helpful to a company. That connects with multiple tools and applications. Especially because different teams do have differing databases. These teams basically do not have the same objectives as their data. Thus, with the help of iPaaS, this data becomes unified for everyone who should have access to it.

How Would iPaaS Work For Me?

If you are now searching for your must-have iPaaS. First, stop and consider which integration you need. Is it a one-way or a two-way integration?

An example of a tool that offers one-way integration is Zapier. Zapier connects one data from one application to another.

On the other hand, Pie Sync offers a two-way integration. A two-way integration helps more databases in sync. This is especially helpful in updating one database. The tool then automates the changes in other applications.

Does All Type Of Data Need To Be Integrated?

The short answer is no. Data range from numbers to products, customer information, and companies. 

However, not every piece of data needs automation. But before deciding on automation, you should know the logic behind your data itself. First, identify the parts of your data that need automation. One thing that can help is to identify similar data between applications.

To conclude, careful planning and thorough understanding is vital. Prior to setting up your software integrations.

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