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Apps Integration: Top Free Alternatives 2020

Many find apps integration today helpful. One popular choice is Zapier. Aside from it boosts one’s productivity, this also gives value for money. However, aside from Zapier, there is more apps integration available online.

Let us learn more about them in this article. You might end up checking on one or two at the end.


Integromat is another online integration tool. The platform currently has more than 49,000 companies. Integromat helps these companies connect their services, apps, and systems too. Popular companies such as Uber, Cisco, and Adidas are some of these.

Integromat offers a free plan. But although it’s free, you can still enjoy too many options for automated workflows. Moreover, it can have up to a thousand tasks in a workflow, per month. With the free plan, you can also enjoy apps and services integration.

Moreover, the free plan ends in Integromat. Then after you will be offered 4 paid plan options. These plans start from $9 up to $299 per month.


Another automation solution is Automate. This tool is effective in connecting cloud-based applications. Automate will also let you make even complex bots or workflows. Furthermore, it can help you automate your e-commerce business processes and sales.

The same with Integromat, Automate offers a free plan. Automate is user-friendly. Especially in the matter of setting up. It offers an easy drag-and-drop feature. With this, you can then make your integrations and workflows. Also, you can efficiently set up sales processes and even automate emails and social campaigns.

Automate is a perfect buddy with those who have an e-commerce business. With Automate, you can connect or integrate multiple applications and your e-commerce store. For instance, Automate can automate the creation and send of invoices. Not to mention that it can also help you track orders and payments. Indeed, Automate can be your e-commerce must-have!

Automate then offers 5 different plans. It has a free plan. Besides, the starting price of the paid plan is $79 per month.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is more than impressive. This tool can also let you create automated workflows in less time. Moreover, you can choose between numerous templates. These features go between your apps and services. Also, it can help you sync and collect data.

Speaking of templates, Microsoft Flow offers more than a thousand templates for easy automation set-ups. Furthermore, these templates are classified according to category. Namely, sales, marketing, social media, teaching, email, and HR.  

One good feature of Microsoft Flow is about its flow frequency. This tool regularly refreshes your applications in every 15 minutes. And if automated flows are needed, these are then automated. 

Furthermore, Microsoft Flow comes in handy. Your automation can be synced into your mobile devices. It may be an iOs, Android, or Windows. Thus, you can easily track and monitor your automation.

Microsoft starts with only 15 dollars per month per user.

However, when it comes to the number of applications to be integrated. Zapier is among these integration tools. 

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